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International cooperation

University of Leon Prof Dr Raquel Fidalgo Doctoral Program; experimental studies on strategy teaching, effects on processes and text qualities
Autonoma University Madrid Prof Dr Mar Mateos Research collaboration on synthesis text writing
University Umea Prof Dr Eva Lindgren Intervention Studies in and with Schools


Research Labs
See for teams in Amsterdam & Antwerp our team website: Research Team 2016.
Short overview and history of The Language & Literature and Arts Research Team at (1) the Graduate School of Teaching and Learning Amsterdam; (2) Research Group Multilingual Professional communication (Antwerp) and (3) the international network.

Seniors: Dr. Tanja Janssen (UvA, since 1992), Dr Daphne van Weijen (UvA, since 2014), Dr Marrit van de Guchte (UvA, since 2016), Dr Suzanne Adema (UvA, since 2014), Dr Olivia Fialho (Utrecht University, since 2014), Dr Elke van Steendam (UAntwerpen, since 2015)
Exit senior members: Dr. Marleen Kieft (2008-October 2010), Dr. Michel Couzijn (1995-September 2013), Dr. Martine Braaksma (2002-April 2015).

PhDCandidates: University of Amsterdam: Suzanne Luger MA, Dirk van der Meulen MA (left medio 1026), Martijn Koek MA, Marloes Schrijvers MA, Mujgan Buyuktas Kara MA (Turkey), Anouk ten Peze MA, Chelsea O'Brien MA, Liselore van Ockenburg, Magdalena Flores MA (Chili); University of Antwerp: Nina Vandermeulen MA, Brenda van den Broek MA (left Spring 2018), Tran Nguyen Huong Thao, MA (Vietnam, Can Tho University), Aslı Abak Şen MA (Antwerp/Turkey)

Aspirant PhD: Edith Alkema, Carolina de Groot, Lieke Holdinga, Tina Ortiz, Chris Veldwijk, Renee Pees

Current: Prof. Dr Wilfried Admiraal (Leiden), Prof Dr Caroline Kroon (Amsterdam), Dr Tanja Janssen (Amsterdam), Dr Suzanne Adema Amsterdam), Dr Elke van Steendam (Leuven/Antwerpen), Dr Frank Hakemulder (Utrecht), Dr Olivia Fialho (Utrecht), prof. Dr Huub van den Bergh (Utrecht).
Former: see projects

Consultant for Methodology & Statistics: Prof. dr. Huub van den Bergh (Utrecht University)

Project websites
Improving pre-university students’ performance in academic synthesis tasks with Level up Instructions & Feedback Tool (LIFT). Project plan. Website. Project runs in since 2015 (University Antwerp, funded by NRO, the Netherlands). Brenda van den Broek (PhD candidate), Nina Vandermeulen (PhD candidate) and Elke van Steendam (senior project leader). Supervisors: Gert Rijlaarsdam, Luuk van Waes, Elke van Steendam.

Find it in Fiction! Marloes Schrijvers, Martijn Koek, Tanja Janssen, Olivia Fialho, Frank Hakemulder.

Better Writing/Beter Schrijven. Website with backgrounds of a two yearlong writing program for grade 4-5-6 (Dutch), with design principles, teacher manuals and 42 units for description, argumentation, explanation, instruction and narration. R&D Project funded by NRO (the Netherlands), Saskia Rietdijk (dissertation), Tanja Janssen (project leader), Daphne van Weijen (post doc), Paul de Maat (educational design), Anne-Marie (educational design), Marijke Bakker (professional development), Huub van den Bergh (methodology). Supervisor: Gert Rijlaarsdam

Visiting researchers

Sandra Espino Datsira

Barcelona, Spain, July-August 2006


Ruth Villalon

Madrid, Spain; July-August 2008


Olga Arrias Gundin

Leon, Spain, February 2009


Jenny Hallam

Derby, UK, August 2009


Monica Gavota

Geneva, Switzerland, February 2010


Flori Nicolas

Murcia, Spain, April-July 2010


Mark Torrance

Nottingham, UK, May 2010


Raquel Fidalgo

Leon, Spain, May 2010; June 2011


Isabel Martinez

Madrid, Spain, Sept-Oct 2011


Hector Diez

Leon, Spain, April-June 2013


Hideyuki Sakihama

Hannan, Japan, September 2015-July 2016


Esther Breuer

Koln, Germany, December 2016


Anna Sala Bubare

Barcelona, Spain, January-April 2016


Mar Mateos

Madrid, Spain, April-July 2016

Yan Jing Singapore, May-June 2016 Amsterdam
Marina Casadellà, Bellaterra/Barcelona, Spain, Aug.-Nov. 2016 Amsterdam
Paula Gomez Leon, Spain, September-August, 2016 Amsterdam
Miriam Granado Peinado Madrid, Spain, March-June 2017 Amsterdam
Justin Zelime Umea, Sweden, March 2018 Amsterdam
Cemile Dogan Turkey, January-April 2019 Amsterdam

All publications UvA Dare repository: See also Google books and Research Gate. If you are interested in certain topics, you may want to search through some of my topics (below). I added some links to my history of topics.

Research interest

My research interests are manifold, but most dominant is the interest in the subject Writing. The team of teachers within the department of Dutch in the secondary school where I started to teach, developed a rather balanced curriculum on writing and 'oracy'. Later I got a chance to test the writing curriculum empirically (dissertation, 1986). I am interested in fundamental research as well in applied research. Fundamental are studies in writing processes, individual differences, effects of task and language (L1, L2) on processes and the relation between processes and resulting text quality. More applied are studies in which we try to find effective impulses for effective learning and teaching of writing; here the focus is on the power of observational learning. See for details below. Since I moved parttime to the University of Antwerp, I also study Academic Writing, withitn the course we set up with my Antwerp colleagues Sarah Bernolet & Nina Vandermeulen.

Older topics which I find still interesting are text book evaluation, relation between attitudes and skillls, and the acauiation of Dutch written morphology.
Current topics center on process studies and intervantion studies on diagrammic literacy, translating Latin, visual arts. See for our programme of studies the Lab Website.

Research services

Dissertation Committees




Luc van Waes, Twente



Joop Dirksen. Nijmegen



José van der Hoeven, Utrecht



Henriette Coppens, Amsterdam



Peter Jan Slagter, Utrecht



Ineke Huibregtse, Utrecht



Anne Bannink, Amsterdam



Eva M. Tol-Verkuyl, Nijmegen



Patrick Snelling, Amsterdam



L.J.M. Loonen, Utrecht



Eva Lindgren, Umea University, Sweden.


External examiner

Marie Stevenson, Amsterdam



Bart van der Leeuw, Utrecht



Konrad Globowski, OISE, Toronto, Canada


External examiner

Truus Schijf, Amsterdam



Hendrien Duijnhouwer, Utrecht



Ruth Villalon, Autonoma, Madrid (Spain)


External examiner, promotiecommissie

Catherine van Beuningen, Amsterdam



Marita van der Stel, Leiden



Miguel Mata Perreira, Toulouse (France)


External examiner, promotiecommissie

Xiaoli WU, Leuven (Belgium)


External examiner, promotiecommisse

Theo Pullens (UU)



Isabel Martinez Alvarez, Madrid (ES)


External examiner, promotiecommissie

Veerle Baaijen, Groningen (NL)



Jessie de Naeghel, Gent (BE)



Flori Nicolas Conesa (ES)



Milou de Smet (NL)



Hoang Yen Phuong (BE)



Iris Schrijver (BE)



Hector Diaz Casa (ES)


External examiner

Ike Anggraika Kuntoro (NL)



Karyn Sandstrom (SW)


External examiner

Monica Koster (NL) 2016 Beoordelingscommissie
Renske Bouwer (NL) 2016 Beoordelingscommissie
Vincent Hoogerheide (NL) 2016 Beoordelingscommissie
Gerhard Stoel (NL) 2017 Beoordelingscommissie
Maria de Groot-Reuvenkamp (NL) 2017 Beoordelingcommissie
Baran Johansson (SW) 2017 External Mid Term Review
Justin Zelima (SW) 2017 External Mid Term Review
Nguyen Anh Thi (Leuven) 2018 Beoordelingscommissie
Tran Thien Quynh Tran (Leiden) 2018 Beoordelingscommissie
Marisela Bonilla (Leuven) 2018 Beoordelingscommissie
Eline van Batenburg (Amsterdam) 2018 Beoordelingscommissie
Mark Schep 2019 Beoordelingscommissie

Editorial services

1. Editorial boards: Spanish Journal of Psychology; Learning and Instruction, Educational Research Review, Journal of Educational Psychology, Taalbeheersing, Nordic Journal of Literacy Research, Culture & Education

2. Editor: L1-Educational Studies in Language and Literature (2001-2015)

3. Series Editor: Studies in Writing (1996--2015)

4. Editor Journal of Writing Research (2007 --...)

5. Editor Learning & Instruction (2013- ...)


Research Organization services
For ARLE (formerly IAIMTE) I organized various conferences, and for other ARLE conferences I manage the conference system, as we built this with the technical support of Arthur Lemmens. Next conference to support with the system is ARLE 2017 in Tallinn. Orhter conferences I supprted as programma manager of conference system manager: EARLI 2009 (Amsterdam, program manager), SIG WRITING conference 2014 (Amsterdam, conference chair, program manager), SIG WRITING Conference 2016 (Liverpool, conference system), SIG WRITING 2018 (co-organizer SIG WRITING Research School, Ghent)

(Co-)Supervised PhD projects

Completed PhD-project

Jannemieke van de Gein
Utrecht, the Netherlands

The sense of sentence. Effects of grammar skills on aspects of writing profiency (1987-1991).

Funded by the national Foundation of Educational Research: SVO).

Co-supervised by prof. Dr G.J. de Haan (then Utrecht University, now Groningen University).

Amos van Gelderen,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Fonetisch en linguïstische validatie van oordelen over spreekprestaties [Phonetic and linguistic validation of rating of oral performances] (1989-1991).

Funded by the National Foundation of Scientific Research: NWO).

Co-supervised by Prof. Dr L. Pols (University of Amsterdam).

Rob Schoonen, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Constructie en validering van gestructureerde stelopdrachten voor zesdeklassers [Construction and validation of structured writing tasks for eight graders. (1986-1989).

Funded by the National foundation of Educational Research: SVO).

Co-supervised by prof. Dr G.J. Mellenbergh (University of Amsterdam).

Michel Couzijn,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Transfer in het moedertaalonderwijs (VF): directieve en betogende teksten [Transfer in L1-education: directive and argumentative texts] (1991-1995). full text dissertation

Funded by the University of Amsterdam)

Co-supervised by Prof. Dr B.H.A.M. van Hout-Wolters, University of Amsterdam.  

Marianne Overmaat
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Empirische studies naar effectieve schrijfdidactiek.[Empirical Studies in Written Composition Methodology]. (1988-1996). .

Funded by the National Foundation of Educational Research)

Co-supervised by Prof. Dr K. de Glopper (University of Amsterdam, now Groningen University).

Tanja Janssen,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Literatuuronderwijs bij benadering [Approaches in Literature Education]. (1990-1998).

Funded by the University of Amsterdam).

Co-supervised by Prof. Dr S. ten Brinke (Utrecht University).

Martine A.H. Braaksma,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Learning to write by observation of models: 1996-2002. Graduated May 2002. All Braaksma publications: http://dare.uva.nl/auteur/braaksma,m.a.h.

Full text dissertation

Funded by the University of Amsterdam and the International Association for the Improvement of Mother Tongue Education (IAIMTE).

Co-supervised by Prof. Bernadette A.H.M. Van Hout-Wolters (Amsterdam), & Dr. Huub H. van den Bergh (Utrecht)

Hein Broekkamp,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Learning to represent task demands 1998-2003.

Graduated 20.02.2003.

All Broekkamp publications: http://dare.uva.nl/auteur/broekkamp,h.

Funded by the University of Amsterdam. Bernadette van Hout-Wolters (Amsterdam), Huub van den Bergh (Utrecht).

Isabelle de Ridder,
Antwerp, Belgium

Hyperlinks & Vocabulary Learning from texts in L2. 1999-2003.

Graduated 20.05.2003

Funded by the University of Antwerp.

Co-supervised by Dr. Luuk van Waes (Antwerp).

Rita Rymenans, Sven de Maeyer,
Antwerp, Belgium

Graduated: 14.09.2004

De Maeyer, S.A.J.H. & Rymenans, R.M.C. (2004). Onderzoek naar kenmerken van effectieve scholen. Kritische factoren in een onderzoek naar schooleffectiviteit in het technisch en beroepssecundair onderwijs in Vlaanderen. Diss UU.

Co-supervised by Prof dr Frans Daems (Antwerp), Prof. dr Peter van Petegem (Antwerp), Dr. Huub van den Bergh (Utrecht).

Lap Quoc Trinh,
Can Tho University, Vietnam

Graduated: 29.09.2005

Full text dissertation: Stimulating learner's autonomy in language education. A curriculum innovation study.

Funded by NUFFIC/MHO-projects

Co-supervised by Peter Bimmel (Amsterdam, Netherlands)


Marleen Kieft,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Graduated: 19.09.2006

Adapting instruction to students’ writing strategies: Effects on writing and learning
All Kieft publications: http://dare.uva.nl/auteur/kieft,m.h.

Funded by the University of Amsterdam and the International Association for the Improvement of Mother Tongue Education (IAIMTE). Co-supervised by Prof. dr Huub van den Bergh (Utrecht)

Rita Rigo-Toth,
Melbourne, Austrialia

Graduated: March 2007.

Co-supervised by Dr Christine Ure, Uiversity of Merlbourne, Australia

Ton Koet,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Graduation 18.09.2007. Polder English in Dutch ears. Full text dissertation.

Co-supervised by Prof Dr Huub van den Bergh, Utrecht/Amsterdam

Theo Witte,
Groningen, the Netherlands

27 mei 2008. Het oog van de meester. Delft: Eburon

Funded by NWO, The Netherlands, and Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Co-supervised by prof. dr D. Schram (Amsterdam)& prof. dr A. van Essen (Groningen)

Mariet Raedts,
Antwerpen, Belgium
7 juli 2008. De invloed van zelfeffectiviteitsverwachtingen, taakkeniis en observerend leren bij een nieuw en complexe schrijftaak. [The effect of self-efficacy expectations, task knowledge and observational learnig in a new and complex writing task]

Frans Daems (Antwerp, Belgium), Luuk van Waes (Antwerp, Belgium)

Elke van Steendam,
Leuven (Belgium Antwerpen, Belgium
14 November 2008. Effective instructional strategies in collaborative revision in ESL. The effects of Two empirical studies.

Lies Sercu (Leuven), Huub van den Bergh (advisor)

Daphne van Weijen,
Utrecht, the Netlerlands

30 January 2009,Writing processes, text quality, and tasks effects Empirical studies in first and second language writing

Huub van den Bergh (Utrecht), Ted Sanders (Utrecht)

Lieve Verheyden, Leuven, Belgium

24 April 2010, Achter de lijn.Vier empirische studies over ontluikende stelvaardigheid. [The story behind the line. Four empirical studies on writing by third and fourth graders of primary school.

Kris van den Branden (Leuven), Huub van den Bergh (Utrecht), Sven den Maeijer (Antwerp)

Tatiana Berden-Antonenko,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

23 November 2010, Stinulating intercultural intellectual capabilities in intercultural communication.Testing an innovative course design.Dissertation. Appendices

Lies Sercu (Leuven). Funded by Graduate School of Teaching and Learning, University of Amsterdam

Talita Groenendijk,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

May 15th, 2012. Observe and Explore. Empirical studies on Learning in
creative writing and visual arts

Tanja Janssen, GSTL, Huub van den Bergh (advisor), funded by University of Amsterdam.

Marion Tillema,
Utrecht, the Netherlands

June, 19th 2012, Writing in first and second language. Empirical studies on text quality and writing processes

Huub van den Bergh, Utrecht and Ted Sanders, Utrecht, funded by Utrecht University

Phuong Nam Thi Nguyen,
Amsterdam/Vietnam/The Netherlands

November 28th 2012,Second language writing and literary reading in university: three empirical studies

Wilfried Admiraal, Amsterdam, and Leiden (from Feb. 2012). Funded by Mekong Delta Grant System, Nuffic Netherlands and ILO/UvA/Amsterdam

Dick van Dijk,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

November 27th 2013, De Taal van oplossingen. Een empirisch begrippenkader voor oplossingsgerichte interactie. Available in Dare

Co-supervisor Resi Damhuis, Marnix Academie Utrecht

Milan Kríz,
Utrecht, the Netherlands / Olomouc, Tjechie

February, 2014. Teaching Dutch as a foreign language in Eastern Europe

Huub van den Bergh (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Marco Kragten,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

27 November 2015. Comprehensing process diagrams in biology education

With supervisor Wilfried Admiraal, Leiden. Funded by NWO-Lerarenbeurs

Marrit Hoeks- van de Guchte,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

17 December 2015. Focus on Form in Task-based Language Teaching

Funded by Graduate School of Teaching and Learning, University of Amsterdam and Gooise Scholen Federatie, Bussum. With co-supervisors Peter Bimmel, Martine Braaksma (Amsterdam)

Marie-Therese van de Kamp 08 November 2017. Re-Imagine, Re-Design and Transform. Enhancing Generation and Exploration in Creative Problem Finding Processes in Visual Arts Education.  
Marloes Schrijvers 03 May 2019 Funded by NWO. With co-supervisors Tanja Janssen and Olivia Fialho
Klaske Elving 06 May 2019 Funder by Nwo/Dudok Alfa. With co-supervisor Huub van den Bergh

Current PhD projects

PhD candidate




Madelein van Baalen, the Netherlands

Learning to write in L2 (English)


1998- on hold

Bob Wilkinson, University of Maastricht

Learning to write in English in Psychology: Development of proficiency and facilitating factors

Arthur van Essen (Groningen)

2002- on hold

Anne Toorenaar, Amsterdam

De klas als leergemeenschap (pdf) NWO

Funded by NWO, the Netherlands


Marcel van Riessen, Amsterdam

Improving historical reasoning

Funded by Graduate School of Teaching and Learning, University of Amsterdam Wilfried Admiraal, Amsterdam; Carla van Boxtel, Amsterdam.


Marie-Therese van der Kamp

Improving divergent thinking in visual arts education

Funded by Graduate shcool of Teaching and Learning, Universityof Amsterdam, and Theresia Lyceum, Tilburg. Wilfried Admiraal (Leiden)


Saskia Rietdijk

Beter schrijven/Writing better

Tanja Janssen, Daphne van Weijen (Amsterdam), Huub van den Bergh (Utrecht); Funded by NWO


Mujgan Buyuktas Kara, (Istanbul)

Improving Writing in English a s foreing language: strategy instruction

Elke van Steendam, Leuven/Brussels (Belgium)


Marloes Schrijvers

Uses of Literary Narrative Fiction in Social Contexts: Changes in Self and Social Perceptions

Funded by NWO; Frank Hakemulder (Utrecht); Tanja Janssen (Amsterdam)


Martijn Koek

Literature Education to Enhance Critical Thinking

Funded by Dudok Alpha NWO Tanja Janssen (Amsterdam), Frank Hakemulder (Utrecht)


Suzanne Luger

Strategy training in genuine translanting Latin

Funded by NWO Alpha-Dudok, with Caroline Kroon (Amsterdam) & Suzanne Adema (Adema)


Dirk van der Meulen

Historical Reasoning to improve Intepretation of Literary Texts

Funded by Dudok Alpha, NWO, Theo Witte (Groningen), Martine Braaksma (Amsterdam)


Anouk ten Peze

The effects of creative writing on writing processes and text quality

Funded by NWO Lerarenbeurs, Tanja Janssen


Chelsea O'Brien

Learning to encounter your limits. Attention to the translation process to strengthen metacognition with gifted students

Funded by NWO Lerarenbeurs, Suzanne Adema (Amsterdam)


Nina Vandermeulen (Antwerp)

LIFT. Improving pre-university students’ performance in academic synthesis tasks with Level up Instructions & Feedback Tool

Funded by NRO PROO, Elke van Steendam (Brussels/Leuven), Luuk van Waes (Antwerp), Marielle Leijten (Antwerp), Huub van den Bergh (Utrecht)


Brenda Van den Broek (Antwerp)

LIFT. Improving pre-university students’ performance in academic synthesis tasks with Level up Instructions & Feedback Tool

Funded by NRO PROO, Elke van Steendam (Brussels/Leuven), Luuk van Waes (Antwerp), Marielle Leijten (Antwerp), Huub van den Bergh (Utrecht)


Magdalena Flores (Chili) Improving writing education in Chili: challenging the social divide

Funded by CONECT (Chili), Daphne van Weijen (Amsterdam


Liselore van Ockenburg (Amsterdam)

Learning to write and evaluate synthesis texts

Funded by NWO lerarenbeurs, Daphne van Weijen

Tran Nguyen Huong Thao Learning to write argumentative texts Funded by Vietnam, Tanja Janssen 2017-2021

Aslı Abak Şen

Improving the quality of text evaluation Extra Muros, with Iris Schrijver (Antwerp) 2017-2021

Post doc projects

Tanja Janssen

Learning to Interpret Literary Texts in ‘het Studiehuis’: Effects of Self-questioning Approaches

Funded by NWO; Huub van den Bergh


Martine Braaksma

Writing hypertext: learning and transfer effects

Funded by NWO


Marleen Kieft & Michel Couzijn

Learning by writing and inquiry in the pre-academic language curriculum

Funded by NWO


Marrit Hoeks-Van de Guchte Effective instruction in task based foreign language education (German) UvA 2016 - ...
Tanja Janssen Learning to interprete and experience literary texts UvA 2016 - ...
Daphne van Weijen Effective transfer between L1 and L2 skills: synthesis texts UvA 2016 - ...

Research Topics



Key words

Key publication (selection)

Process studies

Iris Breetvelt, Michel Couzijn, Huub van den Bergh, Daphne van Weijen, Marion Tillema, Talita Groenendijk, Elke van Steendam, Anouk ten Peze, Nina Vandermeulen, Brenda van den Broek, Marco Kragten, Marie Therese van de Kamp, Isabelle Martinez, Melanie Hof, Suzanne Luger, Suzanne Adema, Chelsea O'Brien, Mujgan Buyuktas Kara, Olivia Fialho, Frank Hakemulder

Writing processes, L1 and L2 processes, translation processes (Latin), literay interpretation processes, relation between processes and output (text quality, translation quality, learning result), learner variables

Breetvelt, I., van den Bergh, H. & Rijlaarsdam, G. (1994). Relations between Writing Processes and Text Quality: When and How? Cognition and Instruction, 12, (2), 103-123.

Rijlaarsdam, G. Braaksma, M., Couzijn, M., Janssen, T., Kieft, M., Broekkamp, H. & van den Bergh, H. ( 2005). Psychology and The teaching of writing in 8000 and some words. In Pedagogy – Learning for Teaching. BJEP Monograph series II(3), 127-153.

Rijlaarsdam, G., Van den Bergh, H., Couzijn, M., Janssen, T., Braaksma, M., Tillema, M., Van Steendam, E., Raedts, M. (accepted, 2010). Writing. In Graham, S., Bus, A., Major, S., & Swanson, L. (Eds.). Application of Educational Psychology to Learning and Teaching. APA Handbook Volume 3.

Groenendijk, T,. Janssen, T., Rijlaarsdam, G., & Van den Bergh, H. (2008). How do secondary school students write poetry? How creative writing processes relate to final products. L1 – Educational Studies in Language and Literature, 8 (3), p. 57-80.

Teaching of Writing/ Writing to Learn

Michel Couzijn, Martine Braaksma, Marleen Kieft, Elke van Steendam, Mariet Raedts, Bob Wilkinson, Huub van den Bergh, Lieve Verheyden, Phuong Nam Nuygen, Saskia Rietdijk, Anouk ten Peze, Liselore van Ockenburg, Magdalena Flores, Nina Vandermeulen, Brenda van den Broek, Isabelle Martinez, Daphne van Weijen, Mujgan Buyuktas Kara

Peer evaluation, peer teaching, learning by observation, readers feed back, argumentative writing, expository writing, synthesis texts, learning to write, writing to learn, learner variables

Fidalgo, R., Torrance, M., Rijlaarsdam, G., van den Bergh, H., & Lourdes Álvarez, M. 2014). Strategy-focused writing instruction: just observing and reflecting on a model benefits 6th grade students, Contemporary Educational Psychology (2014), http://dx.doi.org/doi: 10.1016/j.cedpsych.2014.11.004

Rijlaarsdam, G., Braaksma, M., Couzijn, M., Janssen,T., Raedts, M., Van Steendam, E., Toorenaar, A., & Van den Bergh, H. (2008). Observation of peers in learning to write. Practise and research. Journal of Writing Research, 1(1), pp. 53-83.

Van Steendam, E., Rijlaarsdam, G.C.W., Van den Bergh, H.H., & Sercu, L. (2014). The mediating effect of instruction on pair composition in L2 revision and writing. Instructional Science, p. 1-23. http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11251-014-9318-5, Online version

Teaching of Literature, Culture, Visual Arts, Classic Languages

Tanja Janssen, Talita Groenendijk, Martine Braaksma, Marleen Kieft, Michel Couzijn, Theo Witte, Marie-Therese van der Kamp, Phuong Nam Nuygen, Martijn Koek, Dirk van der Meulen, Marloes Schrijvers, Suzanne Luger, Suzanne Adema, Chelsea O'Brien

Self questioning, process of interpretation, quality of interpretation 

Janssen, T., Braaksma, M., & Rijlaarsdam (2006). Literary reading activities of good and weak students: A think aloud study. European Journal of Psychology of Education, 21(1), 35-52.

L1 and FL Methodology/Pedagogy in general

Anne Toorenaar, Michel Couzijn, Martine Braaksma, Marrit Hoeks-van der Guchte, Tanja Janssen

Autonomous learning, the theoretical structure of L1-methodology,

Toorenaar, A., & Rijlaarsdam, G. (2011). Instructional theory of Language Lessons. L1-Educational Studies in Language and Literature, 11, pp. 57-89.

Van de Guchte, M., Braaksma, M., Rijlaarsdam, G, & Bimmel, P. Focusing on meaning and form in pre-task video model observations: Effects on planning processes and task performance. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Intercultural learning & communication, communication

Tatiana Antonenko, Lap Quoc Trinh, Madelein van Baalen, Bob Wilkinson, Ton Koet, Wilfried Admiraal, Phuong Nam Nuygen, Dick van Dijk

Intercultural communication, intervention studies, English as a global language


Morphological spelling

Marjolein van Dort-Slijper, Inge Weel, Maaike Ditzel, Eva Breetvelt 

Developmental studies, verbs, nouns, adjectives, plural

Rijlaarsdam, G., M. van Dort-Slijper, & M. Couzijn (2001). The Power of plural. The acquisition of written morphology in adjectives: Some empirical findings concerning interference of plural nouns on adjectives. In G. Rijlaarsdam (series ed.) & L. Tolchinsky (Vol. Ed.). Studies in Writing: Vol. 8: Developmental aspects in learning to write. [109-132]. Dordrecht: Kluwer

Evaluation of text books

Theo Witte, Hetty Mulder, Marita Tholey

Model of evaluation, procedures for evaluation, national comparison

Tholey, M., & Rijlaarsdam, G. (2002). A Heuristic model for the evaluation of textbooks. In S. Selander & M. Tholey (eds.), New educational media and textbooks. Stockholm Library of curriculum Studies Vol. 9. [pp. 147-161]. Stockholm: Stockholm Institute of Education Press.

Rijlaarsdam, G. (eindredactie), Mulder, H., Tholey, M. & Witte, Th. (red). (1999).Leergangen wegen. Levende Talen, 536 (jan. 1999). [.1-120].

Attitudes in L1 teaching

Huub van den Bergh, Hans Kuhlemeier, Marleen Kieft, Talita Groenendijk, Cammille Bengco

Writing, reading, oracy, writing style, writing apprehension

Kieft, M., Rijlaarsdam, G., Galbraith, D. & Van den Bergh, H. (2007). The effects of adapting a writing course to students writing strategies. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 77, 565-578.

Kieft, M., Rijlaarsdam, G., & Van den Bergh, H. (2008). An aptitude-treatment interaction approach to writing-to-learn. Learning and Instruction, 18, 379-390