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Smikkel or Yummy Yummyclub

Smikkel or Yummy Yummy
or Schlemmy Schlemmy Riegeln
or Ricas ricas!

In 2002, Martine Braaksma and I invented the Yummy yummy lessen scenario (Dutch; Smikkel), a practical application of her dissertation on the effects of observational learning in writing lessons. In presentation for teachers of Dutch and teacher trainees, we got much support. Suddenly there was an informal group of teachers that met each 6 months, and exchanged experiences and lesson formats. Two mebers pbulished their work in Levende Talen Magazine (Daan Beeke, Wibo van Es).
After a few years, Master students at Utrecht University designed and tested all kinds of variants (supervisors Huub van den Bergh & Jaqueline Evers-Vermeul), and teacher trainees at the Graduate school for Teaching and Learning (Amsterdam) started to design and test variants (supervisor Wilma Groeneweg).
We presented the lesson scenario all over the world, in Scandanavia, Spain, Germany, UK, Korea, Hong Kong, Switzerland, France, Israel. In the meantime, we published in different language about the study, which shows that learners can actively activate, construct and share their knowledge about effective texts in a lively and active lesson format, and that observational learning has a strong effect on learning.
Two researchers in Israel, Hilla Atkin & Aliza Amir, extended the study among about 250 students in secondary education in Israel, and replicated the findings, with extensions to metacognitive knowledge.

Lesson materials and more: here

As tribute to the first group of enthousiastic teachers; here is the list of participants form the first hour: Inge Piena, Daan Beeke, Jeanine van Biemen, Heleen Vellekoop, Wibo van es, Thea Tigchelaar-Bors, Nanny Kuijsters, Martine Braaksma.